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10 UNIQUE WAYS TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS | Manifesting, Visualizing, Aromatherapy | Renee Amberg

The use of soap and water can make the person feel clean but staying a little longer can beautify the skin and relax those tired muscles. This can be achieved by trying out aromatherapy. Aside from pouring oil into the warm water, bath salts can also be used to make this work. The individual will need to have a bathtub so this can be sprinkled into the water until it dissolves. This will give the person an idea how much; will be spent on getting these as presents if there are a lot in the Christmas list. If this will go over the customer s budget, these items can be purchased separately and then just placed in a basket or a box. This can be covered using food wrap since not everyone has the machine to get it shrink-wrapped. Work the essential oils into the affected areas. This way, you benefit from smelling the scents from the essential oils but also your massage will induce the introduction of fresh oxygenated blood to the area that you are massaging. Also, the application of the essential oil to the affected area will give it instant relief by penetrating the layers of skin. The Chinese use this to ward off evil spirits when opening a business to have a prosperous future ahead. Certain establishments use lavender sticks, which are very effective in keeping insects away. Not all kinds of incense sticks are good to use. This is because there are substandard ones in the market, which could endanger the respiratory system especially for those who are asthmatic. Someone who has grown fond of aromatherapy can even make a living out of it. There are some schools that offer courses on this and that person can make a business out of it. The individual should just learn the basic properties of each, know how to mix it and then package the idea by setting up shop or becoming a distributor to out retail outlets. Aromatherapy uses essential oils that benefit us in two ways: through the connection of our olfactory sense with the brain and as well as through the direct application of essential oils to the skin. The use of essential oils for aromatherapy can be easy. All you need is to gather the right resources to increase your knowledge on the different types of essential oils and their benefits. 

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