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Aromatherapy - Face & Scalp Massage Tutorial [Unintentional ASMR]

A good example that will help relieve body aches and pain is mixing 20 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of rosemary and blackberry, 5 drops each of peppermint and cypress oil mixed with some massaging oil to make the pain go away. Another great idea to mix into the warm water is 20 drops of geranium, 10 drops of bergamot and ylang ylang with 5 each of frankincense and cedar wood. It only serves to strengthen the bodies of the person and also calm their fears so that they can better cope with the disease. Aromatherapy can also in easing the feelings of nausea when having an illness. This is especially true with people who are undergoing chemotherapy. Also, aromatherapy can improve one's immune system, which is a big plus in fighting off diseases and illness. While some may want to do this treatment in the spa, others who are budget conscious can have the same treatment done at home. This is because there are a lot of stores that sell aromatherapy oils. Each of these liquids are extracted from plants and trees and placed into 10ml. bottles. The person will notice that most of the containers are dark so that it will not get exposed to the light that can damage the contents inside. One of the best known scents in aromatherapy is the lavender, which people can actually find in every product label in groceries and in beauty stores. Unknown to many, lavender can also be used in the treatment of wounds as well as in the enhancement of memory. It can also be used as a sleeping aid as it helps relieve anxiety and insomnia. The smell brought about the aromatherapy oil burner will surely last in the room hours even if the person has left for a few hours. This can be removed by opening the windows so that the scent will go away. The basic ceramic oil burner will cost less than $20. The price for the electric version is double that amount. History of Aromatherapy In its exact definition, aromatherapy is the process of using volatile plant oils in order to treat not only the physical well being of a person but also his or her psychological and mental health. From decades past, apothecary drawers have been filled with essential oils that have been used in the treatment of diseases and other health problems. 

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