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Aromatherapy Recipes : How to Make Aromatherapy Blends

Aromatherapy is the practice or use of oil extracts from plants for their medicinal and aromatic benefits in order to improve psychological, spiritual and physical well being. True aromatherapy does not include the use of oils that are only used for fragrance. These are considered unnatural products because they have been tampered with already in the laboratories. USING THE RIGHT AROMATHERAPY ACCESSORIES Being an art and science of using pure plant extracts or essential oils in relaxing, balancing, and rejuvenating a person's body, mind, as well as the spirit, aromatherapy is also now valued for having holistic qualities and nature that are proven to effective in certain conditions and for self-care. Aromatherapy comes from oils extracted from plants or trees. A few examples of these are chamomile, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and ylang-ylang. These are packed in small bottles and pouring a few drops into warm water or using scented candles has an amazing effect on the person. But what makes an aromatherapy bath so effective? Aromatherapy Bottle Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to feel revitalized because of the stresses brought about by work or by the people at home. While some may want to do this treatment in the spa, others who are budget conscious can have the same treatment done at home. This is because there are a lot of stores that sell aromatherapy oils. You must remember though to plan the schedule of your massage appropriately, Although you can start your day with a massage using an aromatherapy massage oil, remember that you should not bathe at least 8 hours after your session to allow the aromatherapy massage oil to be fully absorbed by the body. This can be avoided by only going to reputable dealers that are recommended by family members and friends. Here are a few examples of incense sticks generally sold to the public. 1. The first is amber. These are designed to calm disturbing conditions, which can help stabilize imbalances in one s system. 

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