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AROMATHERAPY - with Victoria Sprigg. Filmed and produced by Liam Dale

While Aldehydes are known to contain sedating and antiseptic properties like melissa, lemongrass, and cirtronella, Ketones are those that help ease congestion, aid in the flow of mucus but can be very toxic with excessive use. Examples of such are fennel, hyssop, and sage. Oxides are those that have expectorant and bactericidal qualities like rosemary and tea tree. The customer can just buy it from a reputable store and have this stored in a cool and dry place so this will just as effective like the day it was purchased. Not everyone is familiar with aromatherapy. Those who have time can sign up for a class to learn the various properties and uses of each of the oils. History of Aromatherapy In its exact definition, aromatherapy is the process of using volatile plant oils in order to treat not only the physical well being of a person but also his or her psychological and mental health. From decades past, apothecary drawers have been filled with essential oils that have been used in the treatment of diseases and other health problems. Referred to as the practice of using aromatherapy essential oils derived from different parts of certain plants in a healing process, aromatherapy has become one of the common practices of people in relieving physical and psychological pains. Since the discovery of aromatherapy and aromatherapy oils, more and more have become associated with the process. Never ever buy essential oils that are being used with rubber dropper tops or buy oils with rubber dropper tops. This is because the rubber has some properties that can ruin the oil. The extreme concentration of the oils can turn the rubber into a gum. Read about it. It is not enough that you ask for people that are selling the oils. Aside from using aromatherapy oil as a soothing medium, this can also be used to solve common household problems such as smelly kitchen, drawer, or room. Various aromatherapy oils like lavender, citronella, and peppermint can also be effective bug repellants and natural insect repellents. You can do this by placing a few drops of the aromatherapy oil on cotton balls and place them in locations where insects usually thrive like doorways and windows. 

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