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The Effects of Lavender Aromatherapy on Insomnia

But along with its increasing popularity is the increasing number of questions about the process. What is it about? What makes it work? Is it safe? Does it really calm the nerves and relax the muscles? Aromatherapy is the practice or use of oil extracts from plants for their medicinal and aromatic benefits in order to improve psychological, spiritual and physical well being. From decades past, apothecary drawers have been filled with essential oils that have been used in the treatment of diseases and other health problems. In fact, the practice of using oils has been in place for nearly a thousand years. It was however only in the 20th century when the term aromatherapy was used. This should be checked regularly so there is always enough around when it is needed. Someone who decides to become an aroma therapist after taking the class should first check if the client is allergic to any of the oils. This will give the professional time to find a substitute. The person does not have to take a class in order to know how to use the kit. If the bottle has dust on its cap or around its container, don t buy it because this indicates that the product you're planning to buy is old and have probably lost its aromatic scent and healing properties. - Consider the price. Since pure aromatherapy oils are extracted and distilled from various plants, they prices range drastically. Another great idea to mix into the warm water is 20 drops of geranium, 10 drops of bergamot and ylang ylang with 5 each of frankincense and cedar wood. This should also be mixed again with massaging oil before putting it in. Aside from oil and candles, some have even tried using bath salts that will dissolve in the water. Those who have never done this before and would like to try should first consult with a doctor if this is safe to use. The nice thing about the aromatherapy oil burner is that the person does not have to mix this with other oils to create the desired effect. This can be done only if the individual wants to try something new. 

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