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Asthma and COPD: Stable Disease - Diagnosis and Management

Pollution from car and industry emission in built up areas, air pollution when air quality is low asthma attacks go up. Cockroaches can also be a big trigger and you should clean any areas where food and drink has been prepared to make sure they don t pay a visit. Pets can trigger asthma and it is better if you do not have any pets if you are a sufferer, but if you do have pets take as many precautions as you can, keep the pet outside if possible and never let pets in the bedroom. Doctors are the only ones qualified to treat your individual case, no matter what "cure-all" you see on TV. Your doctor can help you understand: 1) What medication works to minimize your symptoms, and why. 2) Ways to keep your own asthma under control by avoiding individual triggers, keeping out of contact with recurring stressors, and upping the overall quality of your life. Smog and atmospheric viruses are produced inside the body and is something you should verify and monitor with your doctor depending on where you live. Other things, less often associated maybe in your own sphere with being inflammatory include dust mites, cockroaches, and animals such as dogs or cats with shedding fur. If there is a measurably different result after exercise, you most likely are suffering from exercise-induced asthma. A number of factors play in to the exercise-induced asthma: - Length of time exercising - Allergens, air pollution, or other triggers present - Humidity - Temperature However, a decision to NOT exercise is not a wise idea. Living with Asthma: Learn the Facts Living with asthma can mean living with confusion, pain, and difficult breathing troubles that make even gasping for air seem impossible. But when you know the facts about living with asthma, it gets a whole lot easier. Learn what you can do to make asthma easier for you, and your family. But there is no know main cause. Helpful Hints You can buy both mattress and pillow protectors that will take away the threat of dust mites in the bed, thus giving you a better chance of a good nights sleep. Keeping your medication going, visit your asthma clinic regularly to make sure your asthma is being kept in control. 

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