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Bronchial Asthma

Asthma Treatment The main treatment is two inhalers one that reduces inflammation that is called a controller; the other gives emergency relief by opening the airways in a sudden attack and is called the reliever. Drugs used in the treatment can be pills, inhalers, or even injected and consist of Corticosteroids all of which help your teenager to avoid asthma attacks and keep it in control, therefore leaving them free to live a full, active and productive life. Learn how living with asthma, and avoiding attacks, can be perfectly normal and stress-free. One of the worst parts of living with asthma is living with asthma attacks. The symptoms of asthma include trouble breathing, but full-on asthma attacks are different. An asthma attack can be incredibly frightening, confusing, and lonely. Sometimes, it s easiest to get into a cleaning routine. Learning the routine and getting it down helps make it much easier, and helps you learn how to make your routine much more efficient and speedy. For those living with asthma, this routine must be used to keep the air clean, breathable, and easy on the lungs. Under a doctor s care, many asthma sufferers find that they can manage their asthma without a lot of trouble or complications. The first step to living with asthma is in finding the appropriate asthma medication, and following the doctor s orders in regard to taking that medication. Managing asthma through medication is the most popular choice for those living with asthma. Communicating with others is a good way to learn what you can do to make living with asthma pain-free and stress-free for everyone, including those people who live in the home that don t suffer from asthma. The Internet is a wonderful way to learn more about asthma and to connect with other asthma sufferers. Minimizing the triggers By removing the triggers as much as possible, it will help make attacks less likely things that can help trigger an attack are dust mites, pollen, fur, and smoke. If you child suffers more than two attacks a week he will probably be prescribed inhalers, they can also be given a breathing mask which may make the drugs easier to administer, although it might be a little scary at first it will help him or her breath easier. 

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