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Baseball Bloopers And Oddities (HD)

Going from home to fist base is called a single, going from home to the second base is called a double and making it to the third base without stopping is a triple. A homerun is making it safely around all the bases back to home without stopping. The players There are nine players per team. They are, namely, the pitcher, the catcher, the first baseman, the second baseman, the third baseman, the short stop, the left fielder, the center fielder, and the right fielder. You should stay positive in coaching them to help your kids develop the ability to communicate their apprehensions, questions and doubts about their abilities. 3. Show your kids you care - As a parent and a coach, kids need to feel that you care. Take time to listen to them. You may watch a live game to discuss what skills they lack or you may try to know what's going on in their lives outside the court. The only real challenge you should face as a beginner is how to successfully hit the ball when batting. It is not as hard as you think it is. Many baseball players are awed at how hitting ball is a natural in all of us. When you aim to live a healthy and sporty lifestyle, let baseball win you over. Playing baseball requires total commitment. But never panic it is still important that you stay cool and relaxed during the game. 3. Maintain an ideal body position. To gain the best control over the ball, you need to field the ball from your body s middle level, just above your glove side. 4. Use the whole surface of your glove. Keep it open at all times so that you won t miss a catch. Homer - Also referring to home run, this commonly used term describes the hitting of the ball that causes it to go past the reach of the farthest players in the field. 9. Infield - The infield is the playing field s diamond-shaped area with four bases bordering it. 10. Pepper - This is also a warm-up drill routine for players before every game. The right foot should be even with the plate and already inside the batter s box. For the moment, forget that you are going to use a baseball bat at all. Imagine instead you are going to catch the pitched ball. Quick adjustments Straighten right up a bit if you think the ball is high. If it looks low, squat slightly. 

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