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Cubs score 17 in win over Pirates | Pirates-Cubs Game Highlights 9/13/19

The offense team will strike the ball using a bat. The bat is made of a metal composite or aluminum for amateur players and wood for professional players. An important aspect of the game is the position that each player takes. For the defense, the pitcher starts the game by throwing the ball to the home plate. To determine how long you can get the ball to the right base, consider the running speed of the runners and the batter. But never panic it is still important that you stay cool and relaxed during the game. 3. Maintain an ideal body position. To gain the best control over the ball, you need to field the ball from your body s middle level, just above your glove side. After hitting the ball, the batter goes to the first, second, and third bases that are designated to follow a clockwise direction. About 45 degrees of the batter s both sides are foul lines. The inside area of foul lines is the fair territory, which is where all players are. The rest of the field is called the foul territory. Batter s box is the rectangular area on every side of a home plate where the players stand to bat or hit the ball. When the batter is hit on the head by a pitch, he is said to be beaned. Take note that the batter advances to the first base every time he is hit by a pitch. The coach s box is the outlined area on each side of first and third bases. Players should never stand behind a batter since it is possible for bats to be released in the follow through swing. Baseball is a game played with swinging bats, hard balls, and fixed objects like fences. Common sense goes a long way in forming playing environment. Thus, it is very important for parents and coaches to guide kids in taking necessary safety precautions. There are various techniques that are performed by coaches for this task. They want their pitchers to be sharp with their throws and become successful with it. Most coaches use the trick of utilizing four dots with different colors. Each of the catcher s shoulder guards and knee will have one dot. As the catcher makes a call, the pitcher should be able to throw the ball on each colored dot and they must hit all four dots using six balls. 

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