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Highlights: USA v Korea - U-18 Baseball World Cup 2019

No game will last longer than 7 innings or one hour. 5. Base running - The ball becomes dead once the pitcher or catcher has control of the ball inside his or her circle. Runner less than half way to the next base must return to the original base. Runner more than half way to the next base must be entitled to the base. As the catcher makes a call, the pitcher should be able to throw the ball on each colored dot and they must hit all four dots using six balls. 3. Fielding comes next to teach the players various tactics to win the game. 4. The last drill that you have to know as you learn baseball is base running. This will hone your agility and condition your muscles to learn how to make turns on the bases. Make sure that you list down all essential details as you watch these games. You never know when the time will come that you will be able to apply these tactics on your own game. To begin the learning process, you may want to know more about the equipments that are used in the game. Here s a list of the things that players will need once the game is played in the field. ) Bunting the strike If in the act of moving into a bunting position and the pitch looks like a ball, immediately yank the heavy end of the bat back. This helps convince an uncertain umpire it is a strike, helps the runner, and avoids a foul tip. Anticipation Always expect a sign for a sacrifice bunt when a runner is on first, first and second, with none out, and with probably a close score. Knee Lifts This warm-up drill eliminates tension in the muscles of the legs and hip flexors. Knee lifts are done by standing with your feet apart and raising your right foot until your knee reaches your chest level. Then lower your right knee and raise your left knee. Repeat the exercise three to six times. The teams are composed of nine players, who must learn to value and imbibe team work. The players should not play individually; instead, they should move strategically as a group to conquer victory for the team. All players should realize that no individual player wins the game. It is always the team that is declared victorious over the opposing team. 

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