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An error is committed when a fielding player makes a bad throw to allow any batter or runner to advance to the succeeding bases. The pitching team should avoid this misplay. When the fielders have more than an option to make a batter or runner out, there is a fielder s choice. The lineup is the order set for the players to bat. The runner tags up or waits until the ball is caught, and runs home before the outfielder can throw the ball to home. Sacrifice bunt The other key move is the sacrifice bunt. The object is to move a runner waiting in his present base (usually at first base, most favorably at third) into a scoring position (going to the next base or a home run). This national sport in American is played using a bat, ball and gloves. For starters, the game involves throwing the ball, hitting it and then catching the ball. This may be easier said than done and you will realize that this is true once you have tried playing on an actual field. The execution of the tasks involved may be hard, but with the help of the right trainer or a good coach, you will eventually get these drills right or at least become better with each task. Players should never stand behind a batter since it is possible for bats to be released in the follow through swing. Baseball is a game played with swinging bats, hard balls, and fixed objects like fences. Common sense goes a long way in forming playing environment. Thus, it is very important for parents and coaches to guide kids in taking necessary safety precautions. This is very essential to be sure that you will have mastery of all elements of the game and you will be in top form every time you go out in the field. There are four basic categories that are included on these drills. These categories are composed of fielding, hitting, base running and pitching. If you are training with a coach, they will assess your strengths and weaknesses and train you further on the skills where you are good at. To make learning easier for the kids, you must stand at a short distance from each other. This will facilitate throwing and catching routines. When the kids start to get used with the catching and throwing, you can stand farther away from each other. And when they begin to learn the right way to throw and catch the ball, then you can try exposing them to real baseball. 

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