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Richie Rich (4/7) Movie CLIP - Baseball Bet (1994) HD

When he succeeds in completing the rounds of all bases without being chased or out, there is a score for the batting team. It is also possible that there are four players of the batting team occupying all bases at the same time. Every player should move to advance to the next base as soon as the ball is hit by a batter. It also helps them build group identity. Many kids love to play because other kids or their friends are playing too. And sometimes, kids play not because they see they are good at this sport but because they enjoy the friendship within the team. 5. For excitement and action - Baseball is a game full of excitement and action. The name of the sport clearly indicates that the most important part of it is the ball. This comes in the shape of sphere that has a circumference of about nine inches or 23 centimeters and has an approximate weight of 5 1/4 ounces. This kind of ball is manufactured by wrapping yarn around a cork. The center can also be composed of rubber. They face the pitcher while holding the bat. To begin the game, the pitcher starts to throw the ball way beyond the batter to hit the catcher s glove. The batter can also hit the ball for the action to roll in. When the ball is hit, there are eight people that are known as fielders who will try their best to catch it. This runner is in a very good position to see the signals from the catcher. He will then relay this information to the batter with signs of their own. Protecting the signs Both teams make sure that their opponents will not steal their signs. For the catcher, he makes sure to hide his sign-making hand between his knees and his catcher s mitt. Strike zone The batter should know how to assess and cover the entire strike zone. This is a delicate subject because this varies from umpire to umpire. Basically, however, the strike zone is the space over the home plate between the batter s shoulders and the top of his knees (when he is at his natural positional stance). 

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