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South Africa v Netherlands - Baseball Europe/Africa Olympic Qualifier

Most fathers are excited about teaching their kids how to play baseball. It is no wonder since playing baseball in itself is a fun and thrilling experience, not to mention that it creates a strong father-and-son bond. When springtime comes, fathers and their children troop to the baseball field or their own backyard to play the game. A runner that is positioned on the base cannot advance until the ball hits the ground. When the ball is caught by a fielder, the runner can only advance when the ball is caught. The fielder aims to create a record of an out by assisting his teammate through tagging. Through this, the game can level up into a close play at the home plate. The center can also be composed of rubber. A cowhide is stitched tightly to cover the yarn. For this purpose, a horsehide can also be used. Aside from the ball, the other most important equipment on this game is a bat. The bat is usually made of a solid wood material like ash that measures 2.75 inches in diameter. The batting team usually begins with good batters while the power-hitters and homerun hitters follow and could be at the 3rd to 5th. The catcher and the pitcher are usually in the end. The game ends after nine innings, and there is a winner if one team has a higher score. If the home team is ahead after 8 and a half innings, they may not need to take up the last ups. Sprints Short sprints, which are done like players do in an actual game, help improve blood circulation in the muscles and increase body temperature. To perform the sprints, begin at the first base line and run to the second base. Repeat this step several times. Arm Crosses They help relax the rear shoulders and chest. It is a good type of sport that you should play and know more about. If you intend to learn baseball, you should strive harder to know and understand its fundamentals. Baseball is considered a bat and ball game that is almost similar to the equally popular English Cricket. In history, baseball is said to be developed in the 18th century in England. 

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