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South Africa v Spain - Baseball Europe/Africa Olympic Qualifier

Basically, baseball games are played by two teams, each with nine players, that take turns in playing the offense and defense positions. Each player takes one of the following nine positions: catcher, pitcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, shortstop, leftfielder, rightfielder, and centerfielder. When springtime comes, fathers and their children troop to the baseball field or their own backyard to play the game. It is one of the physically challenging activities they look forward to. Teaching the basics of baseball to your kids is a very worthwhile activity. It may take a lot of patience on your part, but you will find the experience a rewarding one later on. It might be a little sweeping because in reality, not all Americans know how to play baseball. The following are some of the basics on the game of baseball. Playing the game One baseball game lasts for nine innings. An inning is when both teams have been at bat through three outs. The visiting team will be at bat first while the home team takes the field. The following are the most common and important baseball terms that you must learn before you head over to the field: 1. Ace - The ace is the best starting pitcher in a baseball team. Usually, the coach places this player at the start of a game. 2. Bing-Bang Play - It happens when a fielder catches a ball, which lands close to his belt or waist level. They should also play to bring honor to their families, sponsors, team owners, coaches, college, and school authorities who are commissioning for teams in every league. The psyche of the team should be established as well as an ideal or impermeable support system. This could provide the right motivation. As the catcher makes a call, the pitcher should be able to throw the ball on each colored dot and they must hit all four dots using six balls. 3. Fielding comes next to teach the players various tactics to win the game. 4. The last drill that you have to know as you learn baseball is base running. This will hone your agility and condition your muscles to learn how to make turns on the bases. 

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