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Suspended due to rain (6th Inn.) - Italy v South Africa - Baseball Europe/Africa Olympic Qualifier

Imagine instead you are going to catch the pitched ball. Quick adjustments Straighten right up a bit if you think the ball is high. If it looks low, squat slightly. Get your arms extended towards the pitcher with your hands. This is to enable you to follow the flight of the ball. Use the same principle when using a bat and hitting into the baseball field. This ensures that coaches and runners at the first and third bases cannot see the sign. Changing signs If there is indication that the signs have been stolen, the catcher changes the signs. He might do this by adjusting his mask in a particular manner, or by some repetition of finger signals (like one finger followed by a fist). Fair ball A ball that had been batted is considered fair ball if it lands in the field of play. It is still a fair ball if it touches or passes first or third base within fair territory. The big point is to simply run hard enough to first base when you hit the baseball. Three strikes A batter is out if the catcher catches a third strike during an at bat position. They hope to score points by accomplishing runs. The players for the home team acts in defense with the goal of getting the players of the offensive team out through the use of various tactics. The two teams will switch places after three outs have been committed by the offensive team. Every action that is happening in the field revolves on the two essential roles of the players that include being a pitcher and a batter. The players should not play individually; instead, they should move strategically as a group to conquer victory for the team. All players should realize that no individual player wins the game. It is always the team that is declared victorious over the opposing team. Thus, all baseball teams should have the following. In contrast with the first rule that the ball will be called a home run when it hits over the outfield fence, an automatic double is going to be called when the ball bounces over the fence. Dropped third strike. The batter is considered out if they committed three strikes. In the case of the catcher, when they drop or doesn t catch the pitched third strike, the batter is still capable to be awarded with first base. 

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