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when a BASEBALL player played CRICKET

Usually, the coach places this player at the start of a game. 2. Bing-Bang Play - It happens when a fielder catches a ball, which lands close to his belt or waist level. Since the ball has been caught below the level of the waist, this catch is considered a tricky one. 3. Bunt - It is a valid batting of the ball, even though the player did not swing it. Now, record histories and memorabilia are being collected and bought aside from the fact that baseball is steadily conquering the cyberspace at the same time. There is no doubt that baseball is a team sport. The teams are composed of nine players, who must learn to value and imbibe team work. The players should not play individually; instead, they should move strategically as a group to conquer victory for the team. If the home team is ahead after 8 and a half innings, they may not need to take up the last ups. In case of a tie, both teams will continue to play complete innings until a score is no longer tied and both teams have had their turns at bat. Object of the game Scoring a run is the object of baseball. A batter must safely touch all the bases (first, second and third) and end back at home plate. Sacrifice A sacrifice is when a player makes an out to cause a strategic outcome. An example is a sacrifice fly where there is a runner on third. The batter hits a deep fly ball. The runner tags up or waits until the ball is caught, and runs home before the outfielder can throw the ball to home. Sacrifice bunt The other key move is the sacrifice bunt. As in any other ball game, the objective of each team should be to outscore the other. An inning is counted when both teams have taken turns to bat once. In a game, there should be nine innings. The team having the greater score after the set is completed is declared the winner. To learn baseball, you should fully comprehend the scoring system first and foremost. However, if the catcher drops the third strike, or the ball gets past by, and there is no base runner at first base, then the batter can run to the first base and try to arrive there safely before the catcher throws the ball there. Tie goes to the runner Put simply, the umpire is the ultimate judge whether the base runner is safe or out. 

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