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Dr. Oz Does Billy Blank Jr.'s 5-Minute Cardio Workout

You can have preconfigured programs that suit your body s present condition and capacity. There are different difficulty levels that are fit for the greenhorn up to the more advanced runner. Speed variations are not the only ones that can be manipulated during a workout session. You can also alter the condition of the deck. Cheaper brands are usually mass-produced. If you intend to buy a treadmill just for walking, you can already buy a good quality and durable treadmill at the cost of $1,000. If you're a runner, best buy items usually rangers from $1,500 - $2,000. Fitness experts recommend to buy elliptical trainers costing more than $1,000 as cheaper machines can only hold up to light use. Here are some useful tips when you aim to save money in buying cardio exercise equipment: Take time to plan cardio exercises you will do and where you will put your exercise equipment. Consider the space available. You do not need equipment that will only be left non-useful in the garage or elsewhere because the allotted space inside the house will not be able to accommodate all the equipment. The venue surely is complete with all the necessary and important cardio exercise machines. Take time to try out each of the equipment. This way, you could easily identify which one is the most effective and most comfortable for you. Prioritize comfort. It is important that you find cardio exercise equipment that you are enjoying to use. Using more muscles in cardio exercise equipment would quickly bring about fatigue, especially if you are a beginner. Take it slowly but surely. Modify or vary your routine. Do not use the elliptical machine everyday. You have to introduce variety so your muscles and yourself would not be bored. Experiment and try out different pre-programmed workouts. One device that can target your heart s performance is the stair climber. It is a machine that provides the resistance and conditioning you can attain by completing a flight of stairs. It is commonly paired up with aerobic routines especially when the venue does not provide the appropriate set of stairs. 

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