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And there is a need to use cardio exercise equipment correctly and appropriately if you intend to make the use out of it. Such machines could add fun and excitement to weight training in general. You may opt not to invest in one because you could perform other cardio exercises without the aid of equipment. Start swinging your legs back and then forth. There is an adjustable resistance so you could better use speed. Non-impact cardio machines are best recommended for people suffering from chronic joint problems. Lastly, hand ergometers are cardio exercise equipment for the handicapped. The item is highly recommended for people with broken legs, surgically repaired knee, and sprained ankle. All these are of course valid concerns that you should not be neglecting. Bryant A. Stamford, an exercise physiologist, asserts that none of the questions could be considered as the most important to ask yourself. Instead, one good and logical question you should ask yourself is: Which cardio exercise machine do you truly want to use? It is usually one of the most neglected contraptions in the gym because people are a bit ignorant on how it should be properly used. This machine is designed to simulate rowing motions. You have to understand that it is not built for resistance exercises. People who utilize it often pull very hard resulting into bad form and ineffective workout. There are some questions that could help you identify if the equipment you are considering to buy would benefit the elderly. Is the fitness equipment safe for the elderly and those who do not have enough experience? Is the fitness equipment safe and easy enough not to require full time spotting or a personal trainer? The least equipment that requires space is the stationary bikes. It is also easy to read magazines, books, watch TV while using the stationary bikes. If you prefer doing other stuffs like the ones mentioned, stationary bike is the right equipment for you. 3. Reviews - It is always best to read consumer reviews before finally deciding to buy cardio exercise equipment. 

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