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LiveWell After Breast Cancer | Cardio Workout #1

If you consider yourself already in advanced phase and your stationary bike has preprogrammed features, you may try the hill-climbing or interval option to enhance calorie burn. You may also try to simulate climbing a hill by manually increasing the resistance for a few minutes and then decreasing it. If you aim to keep your weight controlled, you need to exercise regularly. You need to make use of specific cardio gym equipment for the appropriate exercise program for you. You need to sweat and improve your heart s overall health. Cardio exercises can also help maintain circulatory health. Because you will not always have the convenient and spare time to spend in going to the gym, you need to invest in buying some useful cardio exercise equipment for your home. Quality first - Remember, if one product is sold at lower prices, chances are, it's mass produced and of low quality. Generally, you get what you pay for. So, you should not always believe everything you see on infomercials as some of these tend to be deceiving. 10. Consult to your doctor - Ask first your physician or orthopedist before buying cardio exercise equipment. Generally speaking the more expensive a machine is the more features it has to offer. You can have preconfigured programs that suit your body s present condition and capacity. There are different difficulty levels that are fit for the greenhorn up to the more advanced runner. Speed variations are not the only ones that can be manipulated during a workout session. If you're a person whose goal is to increase cardiovascular endurance, you need to do workouts which will strengthen your heart and enhance your metabolism. Examples of these workouts are walking, jogging, running and cross training. These can be done outdoors or indoors. To maintain the habit of regular exercise, it is advised to use cardio exercise equipment. As you progress with your routines and you think you ve achieved proper balancing you can gradually let go of the handlebars. Treadmills are the common machines used to increase the heart s performance but if you have undergone any trauma or injury on the joints of your lower extremity then chances are you won t be able to handle the impact. 

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