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The Four-Minute Cardio Workout For Your Heart

Two of the most popular and sought-after cardio exercise equipments are of course the treadmill and the stationary bike. It is not surprising that they are considered as staples or must-haves in every gym. Such machines are now easier to find and are practical to use. Owning such tools would enable you to perform cardiovascular exercises at home. Non-impact machines are the ideal forms of cardio equipment specifically for persons suffering from chronic joint problems. The arc trainer can increase you heart rate without putting too much pressure on your lower extremities but don t let the non-impact nature of the machine compromise each workout. It offers a rotating belt that allows you to walk, jog, and run your way towards a healthy heart. A modified version of the treadmill is the elliptical machine. You ride a platform and swing your legs back and forth to obtain the desired heart rate for proper conditioning. It has an additional benefit of not putting your joints under wear and tear situations. The adjustment of the bike s seat is significant in ensuring that an effective and safe workout is achieved. When the legs are fully extended the angle of the seat should facilitate for the knee of the extended leg to remain slightly bent. The motion should be kept at a smooth pace with good rhythm. You should set the resistance at a level that your lower extremity can handle. Aside from treadmills, recumbent cycles are another favourite among seniors. Recumbent cycles provide more comfortable and larger seat than stationary bikes. They also have a backrest offering more back support than traditional upright stationary bikes. These bikes are easy to mount on, since they are lower to the ground. When the equipment is shipped, it is not impossible that the equipment would incur damages while being transported. Other factors. If you have already decided on the exercise equipment, model and price range, then you would have to consider the physical and mechanical aspects of the machine. For example whether you are buying pre-owned equipment or brand-new ones, check the motor, intensity and resistance levels of the workout, and if you would be able to take advantage of these. 

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