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It's TIME for SUPER LAUGH! - Best FUNNY CAT videos

You will also have to take into consideration, before getting your cat, that you will have vets bills to pay for annual vaccines, worming and if treatment is required for any illnesses. These bills can sometimes be very costly, but you can purchase insurance for pets it may be a good idea to shop around to get the best deal. Like humans, pets require water as a vital element for survival. Water constitutes approximately 70% of a cat's or dog's body. Apart from feeding the cat we have to provide mental and physical stimulation and keep them active and happy. A ball dispensing cat nip or any other small treat once in 2 to 4 hours (preset depending upon the need of your cat) is one of the accessories which are fun to watch when the cat plays and eat. Another aspect of cat food to be considered is the quality of the protein in the food. Because of the way many pet food companies describe the meat in the food, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what the difference between chicken flavored , and chicken dinner is. Food that contains chicken meal can only be made from the skin, flesh, and bones only. You will need to make sure mother is warm and safe at all times. Feed her small meals throughout the day, as she is can carry around a few kitties in her belly, her stomach will be crampt for space! Make sure you change her to a special diet full of vitamins and minerals to put her in top condition for pregnancy and always have plenty of water available. The long haired beads include Turkish Angora and Norwegian Forest Cats. The most popular of them all is the American Shorthair which has been in the US for over 300 years. They have been carefully bred for generations to develop characteristics that would appear in each kitten born. Others include the Siamese, the Rex, the Main Coon, the Ragdoll and the Persian. For example an aggressive cat can easily prevent the other shyer cats from getting enough food. It is also harder to know just how much food the cat is eating so you may not realize if he is eating less than he normally does. This is an important sign that he s not feeling well and it can be a serious problem then. 

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