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132. Insulation 101: A net-zero builder's formula for insulating a super energy efficient home

Do not use hot water to wash your clothes because the job of germs eradication can be best done by detergents. With this precautionary measure you can save up to 90% of energy. 3. Small appliances like chargers of cell phones and iPods also adds to your energy bills. The 24/7 hour plugged items can cost bonus digits on your energy bill. Eco-Friendly Energy Resources With the rapid development of modern technologies, man has become more and more dependent on machines that not only save you from arduous activities but also provide quality work in no time. Even in an average house there would be a great number of appliances and machines that comfort life. There is energy saving devices in market that facilitate to minimize your energy consumption and ultimately lowering electricity bill. Question arises; why to use home energy devices? As it is commonly knows that all home energy appliances have only two buttons on and off. You turn on the button when you need to use the equipment and turned off when you finished using it. Most of the heat part of our systems is lost when our basements have leaks and drafts on the walls. We must make sure that these places are properly sealed to conserve heat and energy. We can also add insulation to our basements to ensure heat conservation. One way to know whether our basements have leaks or not, is to look for spider webs. On the other hand, government is constantly telling the public that the search for other energy sources may not be economical too. At times, the cost of one type of unconventional energy source is just not reasonable enough to be surveyed by the government. There is also the difficulty of transition from the usual energy sources to the unconventional one. Clean air filter doesn't ask the heating system to do some extra work. 2. A clean air filter provides clear air even the house is insulated. 30% straight savings come from leak free ducts of our heating systems so if we can make sure that there are no leakages there then we can save a good chunk of money from it. 

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