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5 Systems For Healthy, Energy-Efficient Homes

There are a number of benefits for people offered by House Energy efficacy Improvement Tax credits. This credit is the privilege provided to consumers who want to cut down their energy costs. You can take advantage from the specific tax credits by means of installing particular energy efficient products in your home. It will be astonishing to know that, remote controlled devices also consume energy round the clock. These devices should be prompted by remote all the time to reduce energy consumption. Energy consumed in 24 hours continuously will soar electricity bill high. There are ways to save home energy consumption every day by reducing the phantom power created by these devices. It is the second largest energy consumer after cooling/heating system of your house. Avoid the use of hot water to wash your clothes because it is the job of detergents to eradicate germs from clothes. This will help you in saving as much as 90% of energy which would be consumed by the washing machine. For reducing the energy consumption in mobile homes you should use cool roof coating on your roof. But cool roof coating has one problem, it is not water proof. If you want to make your mobile homes cool, repaint your roof it will helps you a lot. Use roof cavity that is connected with the walls or roof top of mobile homes. Any gap left around the wall enclosure will deteriorate the quality of the insulation i.e. around electrical boxes, pipes and wires. The alternative in this situation might b cellulose insulation which eliminates gaps and voids making the walls 100% insulated. This is not all. Air sealing- Leaks around the house are responsible for 40% of our heating or cooling consumption which means that no matter how good is your insulation, if it has leaks you cannot assure total savings. Solar energy is very cost effective and beneficial for home use. Another important thing in solar energy is that it will not pollute the environment. It makes you environment very neat and clean that's why solar energy is said to be environment friendly. If we compare solar energy systems and electrical energy generated systems then solar systems are very easy to maintain. 

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