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Bill Nye on Making His House Energy-Efficient

The indoor environment will always be moderate because of the bricks that act like shield against intense weather conditions. All rooms have standardized temperature unlike the uneven temperatures in ordinary houses. Discuss these issues with your contractor and architect, ensure that your house is properly ventilated and is made up of bricks that contain high amount of thermal mass. On first position lie the electric appliances that aren't switched off even when not needed. Have you noticed that you don't turn of T.V or lights or Air conditioner when you leave your room for some time? Of course you plan to show up quickly but meanwhile you spend so many units and that too in vain. Moreover, inspector will check out your home and proposes you the ways of cutting down electricity bills. They also suggest you what are necessary energy equipments should be in your home, and where you need to replace a new more energy efficient furniture that will ultimately helps you to minimize your bills. For this purpose examine your air conditioning system once in a week and check the sealing of air duct. In mobile home air duct is present under the home. Your air duct must be placed few inches above the ground with skirt for protecting them from dust during bad weather. Properly sealed the air duct by sealing mobile home windows, door and other places of through which dust can entered. You can keep it lower during sleeping times or when you are out of home to save more and more money. 68 F is the best advised temperature for thermostats during winter season. 2. Water heaters also make use of a large amount of energy. Thus, try to limit its use especially when alternatives are available. There are some ways that will tell us how we can conserve energy significantly and minimized the cost of energy use. You just need determination and understanding to save energy. These tasks are not hectic or costly; you just need to pay proper attention towards your daily chores. Do not turn on lights during day time. 

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