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CCG Homes Riverford Gardens Sustainability | Energy Efficient Homes | Glasgow

Governments of some countries have even passed a regulation that requires people to build houses using clay bricks. If you plan your house design and building material rationally, you'll end up in saving many dollars monthly to spend that elsewhere. Design your house according to the established standards of a passive house, which will moderate the temperature by repelling intense heat and wintriness externally. You can easily maintain a comfy temperature level in your house just by selecting materials wisely. Design of house is another thing to be considered. You can hire an architect having good experience of designing buildings with significant energy efficiency. Today's proficient technologies make it possible and easy for architects to integrate both conventional styles and latest functions in house designing. You just need determination and understanding to save energy. These tasks are not hectic or costly; you just need to pay proper attention towards your daily chores. Do not turn on lights during day time. Make the efficient use of sunlight during day time. Use solar energy bulbs in your home gardens and street lights that are charged during day and give you light at night. Make sure to make a list of spots and ways you discover to improve energy usage. The first and foremost factor in energy spill is air. Any crevices or gaps in walls, window panes, after split units, holes in cupboards or in walls can fairly raise the cooling and heating requirements. Check for any such cracks in your house and fill them up, which can reduce electricity usage by almost 30% a year. Most of these are onetime expense and you only have to bear fixed cost to enjoy peace of mind for the rest of your life. Scientists and engineers are working to make these alternative resources perfectly functional for residential units and their production on commercial scale will bring down their prices soon. It releases your tension of electricity bill and energy wastage. Another amazing invention of time is the Programmable Thermostat. Investment in this device is very useful. If you are not at home, and you want to turn on your heating or cooling device just few minutes before you reach home, set the timer with specific temperature you want. 

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