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Chemistry Can create smart and energy efficient homes

Modern era has really provided us the luxuries and comforts that our ancestors can never even imagine. For every task to be done there is a different kind of device available that can perform it efficiently and readily. But of course cost is attached to each and everything in life so these appliances do not work for free. When dishwashing or doing laundry, we should turn the dial to cold which would help in saving 85%-90% of energy. In this case, a front loading machine is a better technology then the conventional ones since it saves us 50% on water and 50% on energy. Similarly, dishwashers use the same amount of energy regardless of wash load so it is better to load our dishwashers fully. After internal examination, check exterior walls and chimney too but beware of any possible air combustion. Inspect the insulated walls and ceilings, read installation manual and check if the insulation is meeting those requirements. You will need some electricity voltage readers when you'll deal with the insulation. Just purchase the solar energy bulb from the market, installed it on your required place and use it. You have no need to worry about long procedures as you need in electrical bulb installation. Solar energy is very cost effective and beneficial for home use. Another important thing in solar energy is that it will not pollute the environment. Many people do not know that, although home appliances are turned off they are still consuming electricity. They are consuming great amount of electricity and adds significantly to your electricity bill every month. This system of consuming electricity when the appliances are turned off is called 'phantom loads'. If there is leakage in room it will ultimately consumes more energy to warm or cool down your room. Always keep the temperature of AC as 26 degree or less. Turn off heaters while not at home or sleeping. It will not only minimize the energy consumption but also truncate fire risk. Energy saving gives you mental relaxation by lowering your electricity bills. 

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