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EnergyEfficient - The secret for saving energy and building an energy efficient home

It makes your home cool and also reduces the consumption of energy. Use of air conditioning system during hot season affects your electric bill a lot. So you need air condition system which has lower energy consumption but has good results. For this purpose examine your air conditioning system once in a week and check the sealing of air duct. By using small electric burners when cooking gives us better savings than large burners. It also keeps our heating system less stressful and helps in maintaining the temperature of the house. Next, lower down the thermostat of your refrigerator as well. Using a fireplace to warm up the house is quite cheaper than using the heating systems. It releases your tension of electricity bill and energy wastage. Another amazing invention of time is the Programmable Thermostat. Investment in this device is very useful. If you are not at home, and you want to turn on your heating or cooling device just few minutes before you reach home, set the timer with specific temperature you want. This is because of their feeling about electricity to be an essential part of their lives and electricity bills cannot be reduced. So, the only solution is to pay for the bills. In contrast, you will be surprised of knowing that there are number ways to make the house energy efficient if you actually try to examine your situation. Many people are also unaware of the fact that energy consumption determines the market value of your home. So every time you want to buy new home, purchase the one which is more energy efficient, that's what real estate agent do. So, it is suggested not interfere in energy inspectors' work and should listen and act upon his/her advises carefully. You can save remarkable amount of energy without using electric heaters as it consumes lot of electricity during heating the water. Do not unfreeze meat in microwave oven. It is foolish to do so. Remove meat from fridge an hour before you want to cook it or dip it in hot water. Do not place hot food items in ridge. 

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