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Energy Efficient Homes : Design Tip for Higher Efficiency

Shade prevents the direct heat exposure and reduces the working of air conditioner. Another thing which consumes energy a lot after air conditioning system is water heaters. They consume 14% of energy because of its high voltage. In mobile home we place water heater outside the home which takes more time and energy for heating the water. This is because of their feeling about electricity to be an essential part of their lives and electricity bills cannot be reduced. So, the only solution is to pay for the bills. In contrast, you will be surprised of knowing that there are number ways to make the house energy efficient if you actually try to examine your situation. Have improved insulation in walls, floor or ceilings. It should be kept in mind to check home energy saving devices before purchasing them. It is advised to test these devices before making a purchase. It is not worthy to purchase a device you come across. There are many home energy saving devices brands available in market. Also, you could obtain federal tax credit of about $2000 for purchasing of solar water heating and photovoltaic equipments. These products can be utilized for heating the swimming pools as well as hot tubs. For this program, you are required to file an application plus your taxes and you would be able to get its benefits providing ease to your life. Thermal mass bricks do not conduct heat as freely as light construction materials do. Clay bricks obstruct the heat from penetrating into the house because of the thermal mass. Building your house with thermal mass bricks will reduce the energy requirements. Resistance of walls is measured through R-value, which is very high in passive houses. To spend a comfortable life in home, it is essential that energy flow should be appropriate. Proper energy flow will help you to cut down the cost of electricity bills. Think there is not a proper system for electricity flow, what will happen then? Your refrigerator will not work properly resulting in food decay, you won't be able to warm your meal in microwave, and your nights will be sleepless with out air conditioner. 

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