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How to design an energy efficient home

The indoor environment will always be moderate because of the bricks that act like shield against intense weather conditions. All rooms have standardized temperature unlike the uneven temperatures in ordinary houses. Discuss these issues with your contractor and architect, ensure that your house is properly ventilated and is made up of bricks that contain high amount of thermal mass. Insulation items, exterior doors and metal roofs can bring up to total credits of $500. 4. The maximum credit you may get for boiling products and furnaces is $150. Also, you could obtain federal tax credit of about $2000 for purchasing of solar water heating and photovoltaic equipments. These products can be utilized for heating the swimming pools as well as hot tubs. There is a space between roof and ceiling which makes the home cool but it is not possible in mobile homes. For making mobile homes cool you need a strong air conditioning system. For reducing the energy consumption in mobile homes you should use cool roof coating on your roof. But cool roof coating has one problem, it is not water proof. It would simply double your energy consumption. While your room heater or AC is on, make sure that there is no leakage in your home. If there is leakage in room it will ultimately consumes more energy to warm or cool down your room. Always keep the temperature of AC as 26 degree or less. Turn off heaters while not at home or sleeping. We are required to take benefits from different technologies within the house to live in it with comfort. Few people can live without having the facilities of all available technologies. Only with the conveniences of available time we can set a chance of having contented lives. But there will be no comfort without cost. It safeguards us from natural hazards such as storms, cyclones, rain and sun. Home is a place where love and kindness prosper. Everyone wants that his home should not only be durable and sturdy but also saves him from clod and hot weather. He wants his home should be warm during winter and cold during summer. 

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