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Japan: Smart Green Homes on the Horizon

Before his inspection, you must have your own list of possible energy leakage problems. He can also report the mechanical efficiency of each device by measuring the input and output rate. Home energy auditor is an expert of thermograph and can record surface temperature of each wall. Thus identifying any loss of heat or cooling either through convection or radiation. The solar heaters can save a lot of energy. You can go for it to heat your water. These may also be linked to power small electrical devices. Lighting counts for about 8.8% of the whole energy consumption of any house. Try to use energy saving appliances and also do not keep lights on uselessly. So, just by very little effort you can save a lot on your home energy consumption. Leaking ducts can cause more power consumption because your heating system has to work 30% more than normal. This will result in more energy loss and hence, increase in your electric bill. Approximately quarter of the bills goes to the lighting and other electric appliances. So, you should also try to control the useless consumption of lights and electronic appliances. This ensures that your home would significantly maintain temperature on the inside. 2. The well insulated attic will facilitate you in keeping your entire house cool. Attic is one of the significant parts of any house especially in relation to cooling system. But attic can only perform this key purpose if it is insulated properly. Some required fuel for running their energy system. Not only cash they also give coupons, vouchers and stamps in replacement for home energy. During this program, they help you by giving prepaid utility bills. The mode of payments depends on the needs of household according to their priorities. Family size also plays an important role in low income home energy assistance program. On first position lie the electric appliances that aren't switched off even when not needed. Have you noticed that you don't turn of T.V or lights or Air conditioner when you leave your room for some time? Of course you plan to show up quickly but meanwhile you spend so many units and that too in vain. 

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