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Passive House = 90% Home Energy Reduction!

Seal the leaks all around your house and make it sure that the heat will not go outside. Leaks may come from doors, joints, windows and sills etc. The habitual maintenance examination on furnace will make it operating proficiently. In this way the space heat equates the electricity consumed. Use of clean air-filter will again ensure that you are getting good air recycling and clean air as well. There are five significant and basic means of cutting down the energy consumption in your houses. 1. Controlling the thermostat will help you in saving energy. Eventually, reduction of the thermostat aids you inn saving a lot of money. You can save about 5% of electric bill on every 1 C. Therefore, always maintain your thermostat at lower temperatures. It safeguards us from natural hazards such as storms, cyclones, rain and sun. Home is a place where love and kindness prosper. Everyone wants that his home should not only be durable and sturdy but also saves him from clod and hot weather. He wants his home should be warm during winter and cold during summer. Lightweight construction material can contribute greatly to your monthly electricity bill. How? Extreme weather conditions require indoor adjustment of temperature that result in installation of multiple cooling units and electric heaters. Ultimately your monthly bills go up. In various parts of the world, houses are built with bricks instead of wood that not only save forests from depletion but also minimize the energy requirements of the house. Air sealing- Leaks around the house are responsible for 40% of our heating or cooling consumption which means that no matter how good is your insulation, if it has leaks you cannot assure total savings. Now it is time to solve the minor issues that add big costs on our home energy once we have ensured that our home is properly insulated. Each month your electricity bills give you a shock? And you always think of keeping a close check on electricity usage? It's quite simple if you really want to 'audit' your electricity expenses. Similar to an official audit, your home energy audit will give you a clear understanding of the usage per appliance, the peak hours of electricity consumption and cost-benefit analysis. 

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