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Property Matters - India's first Zero Energy Home

Choice of material during house construction will help you a lot in making your house energy efficient. The reason behind is that building materials notably affect the cost of cooling as well as heating. You can easily maintain a comfy temperature level in your house just by selecting materials wisely. This program helps those people who are not able to pay electric bill especially in winter. In some areas there is summer season then you need a proper air condition system for keeping houses cool. In these areas low income home energy assistance program also provide its services. In summer season especially in months of June, July and August, people need cool house during the mid day. There are some ways that will tell us how we can conserve energy significantly and minimized the cost of energy use. You just need determination and understanding to save energy. These tasks are not hectic or costly; you just need to pay proper attention towards your daily chores. Do not turn on lights during day time. In this article we will suggest you the ways of minimizing your electricity bills through usage of home energy saving devices. One way is to invest in centralized heating and cooling systems. This device will help you to set your room temperature at desired level. This device will maintain the same temperature that you set previously. By applying these ideas practically will help you to owe peaceful life. During day time, do not use tube lights or bulbs in your home; make the appropriate use of sunlight. At night use of energy savers will be most appropriate. Unplug all the appliances when they are not in use. Use net screens on windows and doors for fresh air. If you just calculate the average amount you spend per annum to pay off your electricity bills, you'll get an approximate figure of $1600. Surprised? If you are thinking that after spending whole day at office how come your house consumes this much electricity, then the doubt is justified to some extent but let's just take a look at what causes high bills. 

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