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The 9.5 star rated energy efficient home by Thompson Sustainable Homes

If your bill in not in between these figures then you will be considered as a regular householder, which utilizes electricity unnecessarily. The reason is that are not required to spend to the extent of $2000 a year for energy. A regular house that spends this much amount often misuse the power and ultimately their money. Save Energy and Money Through Energy Saving Devices On one hand electric appliances make life comfortable and smooth while on the other hand continuous increase in electricity bill make it vulnerable. Electricity bill is increasing with increasing number of units. People want solution to the problems; they want the ways to get out of this curse. For some family it is not easy to pay bills due to non-availability of funds. For poor and needy families, the low income home energy assistance program is designed. In short it is called LIHEAP. This program helps those people who are not able to pay electric bill especially in winter. In some areas there is summer season then you need a proper air condition system for keeping houses cool. Try to use other alternatives of electricity to heat the water required for any purpose. The solar heaters can save a lot of energy. You can go for it to heat your water. These may also be linked to power small electrical devices. Lighting counts for about 8.8% of the whole energy consumption of any house. When the wind is too icy, insulated ceilings and walls maintain rooms' temperature and keep it from falling. Similarly during summers, blazing sunlight can't produce intense heat in house. Thermal mass bricks do not conduct heat as freely as light construction materials do. Clay bricks obstruct the heat from penetrating into the house because of the thermal mass. If living in warm climate then shade of a deciduous tree will be helpful in cooling down the surrounding area of your house. This results in decreased utilization of air conditioner, which ultimately reduces the cost of your electric bill. Proper painting of walls and roofs will further help you in extra savings on electric bills. 

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