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CNET puts high-tech heart monitors to the test

Polar heart rate monitors have Polar S725X, S720i, CS200, CS200cad, CS300, CS100b, CS100. For people who have the passion to take outdoor adventures, Polar recommends the AXN700, AXN500, AXN300, and the AXN700. Now outdoor enthusiasts will never have to manually check their heart rate with these Polar heart rate monitors. It also does not mean you have to order immediately the particular heart rate monitor recommended by a friend. And, buying would not mean you have to take the top of the line heart rate monitor equipped with complete features and the latest technological breakthroughs. While these would be good reasons to buy your first heart rate monitor, it might be unwise. The wristwatch heart rate monitor would not require you to stop and check your heart rate that often disrupts the should be continuous workout and consistency of heart rate. 2. Fitness monitoring. When you need a cardiovascular fitness, there is one part of the body you should monitor: the heart. And with the data a wristwatch heart rate monitor can give, you can now know the activity of your heart which would make you more conscious about how to train. The main problem here is that most manufacturers require you to send back the belt chest to recharge the battery. The point however is to ensure that you get a belt chest heart rate monitor with battery that could serve you for years. Most heart rate monitors manufactured today are designed for male users. Features include stop watch between 10 to 100 hours (depending on the model), countdown timer, time control, heart rate training control, energy control, memory samples, lap time memory, EL screen light, ECG accurate heart rate, time in below and above target zone, interval timer, split time memory, changeable transmitter battery, time of day, calendar and alarm. But the fact still remains that it would not give you the right monitoring you would need to move one step further in reaching your goal, which could only be done if you would use one particular device: heart rate monitor. This makes Nike heart rate monitor comes into the picture. Nike heart rate monitor is a revolutionary device that would enable you to check the status of your heart every time you demand it. 

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