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With the heart rate monitor, the intensity of training is regulated to get the best exercise or training possible with the least amount of effort. If there is over-training, there should be under-training. Like the former, the latter usually happens, as the right amount of intensity can never be accurately monitored. Since heart rate is very important during training, Reebok heart rate monitor assures you that every time you set yourself on training, you could get the most accurate heart rate reading anytime you want to. This would give you the idea of the status of your heart so if any discrepancy occurs, you would know and would be able to do something about it. With the wristwatch heart rate monitor, you can now know if you are training too hard and need to slow down or if you are training too weak and you need to pick up your pace. 3. Portability. Wristwatch heart rate monitor is small and compact, thus it would eliminate the need for big space. And with its size, you can have the convenience of treating it more as an accessory than an exercise tool. The Mio heart rate monitor also removes the probable risk of taking inaccurate reading since improper wearing of the belt can give user wrong heart rate reading. Mio heart rate monitor also has several features that are surely functional. Some of which include the readings on the maximum, minimum and average heart rate. All you need is the doppler fetal heart rate monitor. The doppler fetal heart rate monitor uses high frequency sound waves that lets you hear the sound of your baby s heart beat through an audible device sometimes an earphone or a speaker that is usually built-in on the heart rate monitor. In order for this wave to travel, the doppler fetal heart rate monitor is aided by particular liquid often a lotion, oil or water. Other special heart rate monitor features include VO2, altitude measurement, average, lowest and maximum heart rate reading, and many more. Just make sure that you can use most of the features and not allow yourself to get confused on the complicated features and procedures of the heart rate monitor. 

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