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Features include stop watch between 10 to 100 hours (depending on the model), countdown timer, time control, heart rate training control, energy control, memory samples, lap time memory, EL screen light, ECG accurate heart rate, time in below and above target zone, interval timer, split time memory, changeable transmitter battery, time of day, calendar and alarm. A team with member that would get one each is also eligible for discount. The military could also get discounts on heart rate monitor. Individuals such as coaches and trainers also get special heart rate monitor prices. Discount heart rate monitor is also available to schools, gym, health clubs, corporate fitness, and athletic departments. Reebok heart rate monitor can also be used at home where you need to monitor your heart rate. It can also be used anywhere you go whether driving your car or taking a walk to the park. For Reebok heart rate monitors are usually worn on the wrist, there are several features to add more functionality on the device. This principle of being able to access the heart rate without using the manual method still applies on the strapless heart rate monitor. But there is a great difference. Like what was said, the normal heart rate monitor can provide measurement whenever the user wishes to have it. The strapless heart rate monitor provides an on demand only heart rate measurement. This has several functions and features including the ability to send several exercise data like calorie burned, percentage of fat burned, and more to include time telling. These two parts work hand in hand to give an accurate heart beat rating. But then most heart rate monitors use analog signal which is indeed accurate. The doppler fetal heart rate monitor uses high frequency sound waves that lets you hear the sound of your baby s heart beat through an audible device sometimes an earphone or a speaker that is usually built-in on the heart rate monitor. In order for this wave to travel, the doppler fetal heart rate monitor is aided by particular liquid often a lotion, oil or water. 

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