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Top 5 Best Heart Rate Monitors

Accuracy: If you are using your fingers to know what is your current heart rate, you are probably having a difficult time determining your precise heart rate. With the heart rate monitor, you can determine your current heart rate more effectively plus the ease of eliminating the hassle of counting your heart rate with your fingers against time. The liquid is applied on the mother s belly that would let the sound waves to travel from the heart of the baby across the belly through the monitor. The doppler fetal heart rate monitor can be used on expectant mothers carrying as early as 10-12 weeks old fetus to the moment you are about to give birth. Some would have much while some have less that still depend on the type of heart rate monitor. Others are computer compatible which means you can store the data of your every workout on your computer for easier monitoring and better analysis and progress tracking. The type of heart rate monitor with this feature is much expensive. It makes everyday exercise a lot easier and more enjoyable through its several exciting features although its main purpose is to measure your heart rate during training. Some heart rate monitor can design a specific workout program for the user. This would mean that the heart rate monitor determines how fast, how long, how hard and how much effort the user should exert in order to meet the targeted workout program. For beginners of course, there are particular heart rate monitors that are not complicated and not expensive. For more advanced users, there are several selections of heart rate monitors that would answer the demands for features. The second thing you have to consider in buying heart rate monitor would be the comfort. Expanded features: While it is advisable for beginners to get the basic heart rate monitor and work from there, others might be very eager to try higher-end heart rate monitors with calorie counters, built-in training program, and built-in trainer-like features that would guide user throughout the whole training, the choice is still up to you. 

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