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It can only get better since the cost of malt and hops is bound to get cheaper in the days to come. Reduced Hangovers A beer-drinking binge doesn't have to provide you misery in the morning. Home brewed beer reduces the severity of hangovers due to high amounts of Vitamin B. It's known that home brewed beer doesn't undergo pasteurization and filtering which can remove huge amounts of Vitamin B. Are the bottles clean and sanitized? Check out as well the condition of the bottles, and look for signs of damage. You don't want to use bottles that are cracked and chipped. Clean and maintain the bottles with the use of ammonia. This is especially true if you are using old bottles with labels. The old bottles for use in bottling the brew should be soaked in a mixture of water and ammonia. As for the bottles, you can either buy from the home brewing store, or you can simply get used bottles from a liquor store. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean these used bottles before you use them. 4. Start brewing! Now we go to the fun part. Once you have all of the necessary supplies, you can now brew your first homemade beer! Also take note that these don't carry their own enzymes and as such these should be used in conjunction with the other grains. No matter what kinds of specialty grains you choose for your home brew, do remember one important rule in brewing. You need to crack these grains- lightly crack them so that the all the best flavors can be used. Several equipment for use in home brewing are on the rise, and there is a growing of materials available online ready to be downloaded. Now, it's easier to concoct your own brew. But just a little reminder, don't let your over-eagerness get the best out of you. Exercise some restraint as well when trying home brewing for the first time. Now, home brewers can purchase Coopers Beers kits, which are relatively cheaper and more unwieldy than earlier beer home brewing kits. Due to these significant changes, home brewers are now producing beers with better quality. A wide range of possibilities has opened up; different types of beers with unique flavors have come out of the woodwork, and continue to do still. 

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