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Brewing Beer: Oktoberfest / Märzen / Festbier Homebrew

Do expect water to be used in other production processes, for example water is also used in the mashing, the filtration and even the packaging of bottles of beer. And all of these processes will require different kinds of water, at least in terms of quality. Now how does water affects the production and the brewing of beer? You can actually put those questions to a test by making your own beer at the comfort of your own home. Home brewing is a popular hobby among beer-drinkers who want to infuse creativity on to their beer. It may be time-consuming, but the satisfaction of tasting your own-brewed beer is unmatched even by the more expensive beers around. The Internet revolution may have had an influence, but one of the main reasons for the surging popularity is the production of scaled down brewing kits and the easier access to 100 different strains of yeast. The quality of advice and the ingredients has improved dramatically. Years ago, the materials involved in home brewing are a can of Blue Ribbon malt extract, a 10 gallon ceramic crock, and a pile of Fleischmann's bread yeast. It's also all malt beer, giving it that full bodied taste that you don't normally get from the type of beer purchased from stores or bars. You can also use ingredients that are not normally used for commercial beers. Cheaper Beer Home brewed beer is cheaper than commercial beers. Notwithstanding the scarcity of malt and hops today, you can still brew 5 gallons at a lesser cost than the cheapest beer brand in your nearby store. Home Brewing Equipment The Home Brewer's Best Friends No home brewer could ever produce a brew without the following equipment: Brewing Guide Novice and expert home brewers alike never start without first consulting their brewing guide. Depending on the coverage of the guide, it could serve to provide the necessary information to create brew according to a recipe, provide recipes, or the combination of both. This is best selected if the intent is to place the system anywhere inside the house. Outdoor units. Since these systems are placed outdoors, expect these units to be durable. The construction can be made from stainless steel so that these are protected from the moisture. For outside parties, consider the outdoor units. 

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