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Chemistry of Beer - Unit 1 - Overview of Brewing

This is necessary so that the moment you know that the local water is of poor quality, and then you can always do something to improve on its quality during the actual brewing session. Water for use in home brewing is important in a sense that brewing cannot function without this main ingredient. Did you know that around 4 to 6 liters of water is needed in order to produce just one liter of beer? For the ingredients that would make a 5 galloon of beer, we will need one can of malt extract (pre-hopped), one kilo of fine sugar (preferable the one that is known as dextrose or corn sugar), one sachet of yeast and water (tap water will do but if it doesn't taste good you may opt for filtered water). Home brewing hobby shops had steadily increased in number in the intervening years. In 1981, home brewing hobby shops have amounted to 150. They have grown to 1,000 in 1996. After some retrenchments, the number dwindled to 550, one of the reasons being the rising costs of materials. Commercial breweries have permeated the fabric of society since then, but while home brewing was still legal, it dropped down in popularity and was relegated to "connoisseurs" and fanatics. FAQs On Home Brewing Answered So you finally decided that you would go the way of your friend and try out home brewing. Now this is a good initiative on your part; home brewing is one perfect hobby that you can take up. You can make your own brew to rival the commercial ones and more importantly you can earn a few bucks from your brews- if you happen to master the art of home brewing. But first, some extensive research needs to be undertaken before you pick one. Remember, there are many types of brewing kits out in the market, so choosing the one that is best suited to your needs will ensure that every penny spent is worth it. First, think long and hard on the amount of brewing that you are about to do, and mind the specifications required to do the job. Otherwise, stick with stainless pots. For those considering to use aluminum kettles, be warned that this type isn t always used by expert brewers. Kettles made from aluminum as these often absorb the flavors from the brew which could be mixed into subsequent batches. Fermenter A fermenter is any container made from high quality plastic or glass that is used to hold the brew solution while it ferments. 

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