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Comparing Electric All-in-One All-Grain Brewing Systems: Mash & Boil, Robobrew, and The Grainfather

Home brewing is also a very enjoyable hobby, not to mention that it can also make a significant improvement in your social life. This article, however, will focus solely on how you can save money by brewing your own beer. So without further ado, let's break down the reasons on how home brewing can help you cut costs You typically start by purchasing a brewing kit. Why Water Matters In Home Brewing Will there be beer if you don't have water? Of course it's impossible; brewing water is the most basic ingredient in home brewing. The characteristics of the water used for brewing will spell the difference between a good brew and a forgettable one. For this reason, it is always recommended that you do some fact-checking to know the status of the water in your area. Any non food-grade siphoning tools will leach chemicals into the brewed beer passing through them, thereby contaminating the fermented solution. For better liquid control, use an external pinch clamp with your siphoning tube. Bottling Equipment Unless you're storing your beer into cans, a bottling equipment will come in handy. This kind of characterization for the beer can be achieved by effectively raising the gravity of the beer yet without sacrificing the fermentation process. The beer can also be enhanced by simply adding more sugar or by adding up some more protein. Now this kind of characterization for beer is important, and this is what you should aim for if you would like to try your hands as well in home brewing. Fermenter While the brew ferments, it has to be free from contaminants such as dust and airborne microorganisms. An airlock fermenter, therefore, is needed. For the majority of home brewers, a good carboy, typically a glass bottle that holds 5 to 6 gallons of brew, will do. A high quality plastic bucket is also not an uncommon choice among serious brewers. When you say beer kit this will traditionally include the malt concentrate and the yeast. This will also include some guidelines on how to use ingredients for fermentation in order to draft the brew. Some of the possible ingredients that may be recommended include the brewing sugar, rice syrup and the liquid malt syrup. 

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