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How is Beer Made? The Brewing Process

Expect to see carboys in many sizes, and for starters you may want to start with the 5-gallon carboy. The stopper. This is an important storage implement and this should not be left out in your shopping list. This is placed at the opening of the carboy, and your air lock will be placed on the stopper. If you have already perfected the art of home brewing and you have done your part in impressing friends over a few rounds of beer, then that is the time to expand and find a market. If you brew some of the best beers in town, then chances are a commercial bottling company will take notice and call you for a meeting. Of course it's impossible; brewing water is the most basic ingredient in home brewing. The characteristics of the water used for brewing will spell the difference between a good brew and a forgettable one. For this reason, it is always recommended that you do some fact-checking to know the status of the water in your area. Again, mix well and allow the fermentation to happen in the recommended temperature. Monitoring the fermenting process. This is the process of turning the malt into beer. The initial stage of fermenting the beer can go on for days and the key here at this step is the proper monitoring of the temperature. For one, you will get more visits from people who want to give your beer a once over. I've also noticed that people who take up home brewing are always brimming with enthusiasm. I don't have a scientific explanation for this, maybe it's the effect of the beer, but you do know what I mean. I would also recommend joining a home brewing club. Fifth, sharing brewed beer during celebration could win the fascination of others. When others get to taste your beer, judge it as first class, one of a kind and good quality, you earn nothing than the reputation of others. And I think this is the greatest benefits of all, being the effect is on personal level, because it is an achievement to be recognized by a community to be a good beer brewer. 

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