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PicoBrew Pico Model C review: Automatic beer brewing is almost easy

A ceramic on steel brew kettle is also a good alternative so long as it's in perfect condition. Otherwise, stick with stainless pots. For those considering to use aluminum kettles, be warned that this type isn t always used by expert brewers. Kettles made from aluminum as these often absorb the flavors from the brew which could be mixed into subsequent batches. Learn to use the fining agents before you bottle the brew. These fining agents are helpful since this will help you reduce the sediment in the bottles. But make sure that these agents are added before you add the brew. It is best to weigh the priming sugar that will be used. Don't arbitrarily add sugar. There are actually available pots designed for brewing in the supply market, but an ordinary pot will do so long as it can hold at least one galloon of mixture or liquid. 2. Spatula or ladle and big spoon with long handle are necessary for the mixing and stirring process. You may use ordinary kitchen ladle or the specially designed for brewing. There are also home brewing shops that sell guides with accompanying lessons or classes that will get your feet wet, so to speak. Over all, a book on home brewing is the best place to start with the hobby. Brew Kettle No home brewer will ever leave without a good brew kettle. It's what you use to boil the beer. For the ingredients that would make a 5 galloon of beer, we will need one can of malt extract (pre-hopped), one kilo of fine sugar (preferable the one that is known as dextrose or corn sugar), one sachet of yeast and water (tap water will do but if it doesn't taste good you may opt for filtered water). This will also include some guidelines on how to use ingredients for fermentation in order to draft the brew. Some of the possible ingredients that may be recommended include the brewing sugar, rice syrup and the liquid malt syrup. Preparing the beer. Cooking the beer starts by sanitizing and cleaning the equipments needed in the process. 

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