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Embolden Jewelry Magnetic Therapy Necklace Review! Hot or Not? Does it really work??

The magnets also seem to block or the very least interfere the flow of sodium and calcium inside the body s cells. These two elements are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. By blocking their movements, the magnets are stopping the cells to tell your brain that you are in pain. Usually, the magnets used in magnotherapy are thin metal magnets strategically placed on the body. When thinking about magnet therapy, magnets used are different from those we have on our refrigerator doors. Household magnets, like those in fridge, only have 10 gauss (used in measuring magnet power). What we use in magnet healing is magnets with 400 to 1000 gauss. We need to use stronger magnets since it is important to reach organs and different elements like boron, cobalt and samarium. Some would question the lack of scientific evidences supporting magnet therapy s claims, but there is no denying the amount of interest it generates from the public. More and more people are trying to figure out if magnet therapy and alternative medication would be able to help them with their chronic pain. By using two kinds of magnetic polarity, a magnetic field is created strong enough to go inside the body or affected area to induce treatment. Using the right magnets for magnet therapy and positioning them in the correct areas can easily help aching feet, arthritic fingers and joins, back pains and even headaches. Multiple sclerosis 30 people with multiple sclerosis underwent a 2-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled study using a PEMP device. The participants taped the device to one of the three different acupuncture points. The results showed statistically significant improvements in the treatment group, especially in bladder control, hand function, and muscle spasticity. According to the WHO, about 1 billion adults worldwide are overweight, and about 300 million of them are suffering from obesity. Being overweight and obese could cause serious health problems like diabetes, hypertension and cancer. People are starting to become more aware of this. In fact, America has spent $46.3 billion in 2004 for weight loss products. 

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