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How To Make a Paper Ninja Star (Shuriken) - Origami | Remake

Other objects that can be made with basic origami include a simple box, an envelope and a square picture frame. These projects can be made with one sheet of paper using a limited number of folds. As people develop their origami skills they begin to look for more challenging objects to try. These objects may include more than one piece of paper and may require more time and concentration. Origami also teaches children about problems solving and other aspects of mathematics that are relative to life. It also encourages children to set goals and work toward achieving them. Psychologists and physicians use origami as a therapeutic tool. It has proven to be successful in the treatment of mental health patients. The activity is been used to help individuals with psychological aspects such as feelings of acceptance. People who are having emotional and mental problems sense a feeling of acceptance while being taught the art of origami. Realizing someone is willing to take the time to teach and show them how to do this activity promotes positive emotions. It's also a pretty safe bet that some of the adults will join them so better make a couple extra! Gifts: Colorful paper frames, bandanas or handkerchiefs folded into flowers or birds, lace envelopes to hold your personal note, delicate lace birds to hold your valentine, cranes (a symbol of luck) as a mobile or garland like string, book covers, book marks and dozens of other unusual gifts that you can be sure they won't get two of! If you need a second diagonal fold open the sheet of paper completely before starting the second fold to get a more exact line. The Envelope - using a square piece of paper make diagonal folds down the center in both directions. Open the paper and bring each corner up to the middle. The Picture Frame - First make the Envelope. The Shinto religion incorporated the use of origami in its ceremonies and these shapes have remained unchanged for centuries. Although the experts can't agree on where origami originated, most of them agree that the Japanese are the ones who developed the traditional art form. This art form was passed down from generation to generation with nothing in writing. 

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