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Award Winning ICF Constructed Net Zero Energy Home

You access this program through internet or with the help of office of Federal Government. You easily download forms through internet and then submit it online through your email. But it is better that you will go to federal government office personally and submit your form. Different states have different durations for processing the application. Many people are also unaware of the fact that energy consumption determines the market value of your home. So every time you want to buy new home, purchase the one which is more energy efficient, that's what real estate agent do. So, it is suggested not interfere in energy inspectors' work and should listen and act upon his/her advises carefully. There is also the difficulty of transition from the usual energy sources to the unconventional one. Several people are doubtful about any new mean of energy source. They usually prefer to stick with the old conventional electric sources. But, the public is gradually persuading to the alternative side of energy sources basically due to the high price of energy consumption at homes. On first position lie the electric appliances that aren't switched off even when not needed. Have you noticed that you don't turn of T.V or lights or Air conditioner when you leave your room for some time? Of course you plan to show up quickly but meanwhile you spend so many units and that too in vain. Eventually, it cuts down your house electric bill. 4. Reduce the thermostat to save a lot of money. 1 C equates the 5% of electric bill savings. So, always keep your thermostat at low temperature. You can keep it further low during sleeping or when you are out of home for saving more money. 68 F is an ideal temperature of thermostat during winter season. Approximately quarter of the bills goes to the lighting and other electric appliances. So, you should also try to control the useless consumption of lights and electronic appliances. Always, turn off all the extra lights, stereo and television when not in use. Also, turn the lights off before leaving the room even for few minutes. 

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