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Energy Efficient Homes: Scott Bergford at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege

Another thing which consumes energy a lot after air conditioning system is water heaters. They consume 14% of energy because of its high voltage. In mobile home we place water heater outside the home which takes more time and energy for heating the water. If you think you can cover the water heater but you can't do this for safety purposes. It's time to think different and consider other available energy sources that have several advantages over conventional energy. Since the beginning of human evolution, man has been searching for ways that could work efficiently for him with little effort. The invention of wheel, lever and other simple machines gradually gave rise to modern developments and advanced energy production plants. Turn off monitor of your computer when it is not in use. Unplug mobile chargers, night lamp etc. when you do not need them. Remember, energy wasted means your money wasted, and we all know that turning off all the energy units when we do not use them help us to save considerable amount of money during your life. You can perform this energy audit yourself if you have the necessary knowledge of energy requirements, consumption pattern and methods to measure energy leakage. Otherwise you can hire an 'external auditor' that has been trained for such purpose and are well-equipped for the assessment. They have the blower doors and infrared cameras to assess the loss of cooling and heat from a house. Generally, an American family would consume about $1500-$2000 on power bills. If your bill in not in between these figures then you will be considered as a regular householder, which utilizes electricity unnecessarily. The reason is that are not required to spend to the extent of $2000 a year for energy. We can also add insulation to our basements to ensure heat conservation. One way to know whether our basements have leaks or not, is to look for spider webs. If there are webs, there are leaks! We should not turn on our garage heating system all the time. In fact we can always heat up minutes before going even if we spend a lot of time there. 

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