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Dr. Mercola Discusses Heart Rate Monitors

People using the heart rate monitor watch can also have an easy access on the status of their heart at any given time they wish to check it. This is far too different from manual reading since it would not require the reader to stop and check for his wrist or his neck to get a reading. Heart rate monitor watch would make it easy for anyone to do the reading by just checking in the watch. The two-part heart rate monitor on the other hand is composed of the strap and the wrist unit. The belt strap reads the heart rate measurement and acts as a transmitter. The wrist unit serves as the receiver and displays the data sent by the transmitter. The belt strap heart rate monitor and the strapless heart rate monitor can be used during training. For Reebok heart rate monitors are usually worn on the wrist, there are several features to add more functionality on the device. These include calendar, time of day, the current, lowest, average, and maximum heart rate, plus the percentage of the maximum heart rate, target zones, exercise functions, and more. This would mean that the heart rate monitor determines how fast, how long, how hard and how much effort the user should exert in order to meet the targeted workout program. And no other exercise equipment could do that except a heart rate monitor. Another unique feature of a heart rate monitor that surpasses the ability of a private fitness instructor is its capability to count the number of calories burned during the whole exercise plus the capacity to estimate the percentage of the fat burned. The transmitter is usually strapped on the chest that calculates the current heart rate. It would then transmit the data to the receiver which is usually worn on the wrist. But sometimes, this type of heart rate monitor can give be very inconvenient to users since the strap may not fit on the chest. This is especially true on heart rate monitors that are only made for males and could not properly fit on the body of the female. This increases the risk of injury plus the given fact that they are not getting the right result equivalent to the effort they exert. With the heart rate monitor, the intensity of training is regulated to get the best exercise or training possible with the least amount of effort. If there is over-training, there should be under-training. 

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