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All mentioned Polar heart rate monitors are suited for fitness conscious individuals who want to be guided during their daily workout and exercise. Creating an improvement with the running routine, athletes, trainers, runners, and health conscious individuals should have the S120, S810i, S610i S410, S625X, RS 200, RS100, and RS200sd. The belt strap heart rate monitor and the strapless heart rate monitor both can accurately provide the user with accurate heart rate measurement which is impossible with manual method. The main advantage of the belt strap heart rate monitor on training is that the user can have an instant access on the status of the heart anytime he/she wishes to. Heart rate monitor watch would make it easy for anyone to do the reading by just checking in the watch. The heart rate monitor watch can tell if the user have to slow down of speed up his activity. As a result, the user can eliminate the risk of over-training or under-training which is very possible without a heart rate monitor watch. Nike Heart Rate Monitor As one of the leading providers of sports equipment and apparels, Nike also produces heart rate monitors. This is very reasonable since Nike has been in to sports for a long time. And with the length Nike has been in the market offering top quality sportswear such as shoes, shirts, and pants, and equipments such as bags, different kinds of sports balls, and others from different sports arena, it is just right that the company would also give its consumers the right fitness companion. But sometimes, this type of heart rate monitor can give be very inconvenient to users since the strap may not fit on the chest. This is especially true on heart rate monitors that are only made for males and could not properly fit on the body of the female. And if the chest strap is not fitted properly, inaccuracy in reading the heart rate is very possible. The strapless heart rate monitor provides an on demand only heart rate measurement. Strapless heart rate monitor does not give a continuous heart rate data and the measurement is only given whenever needed. This is because the strapless heart rate monitor requires the user to place two fingers on the monitor s sensor in a specific length of time usually between 4 to 13 seconds. 

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