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Asthma Myth: Playing sports and exercising with asthma

Cleaning your home of these irritants can make living with asthma a whole lot easier. Asthma sufferers should not smoke, nor should they be exposed to smoking. If someone with asthma lives within the home, do not smoke inside of it. Take the smoke outside, as cigarettes can very directly affect asthma and make breathing a true struggle. However this medication is prescribe, follow your doctor s order and follow your dosing schedule exactly. To learn specific information about the medication you ve been prescribed, look to the Internet for information and tips on how to store, use, and take your medication properly. Living with asthma means learning how to breathe in an environment that may not always be asthma-friendly. Sometimes, it helps people who are living with asthma to talk to other asthma sufferers. This kind of support is often invaluable, and means really being able to connect with others who share the same illness. There is a huge world of support out there for those living with asthma, and much of it can be found through the online community. Benefits of exercise include: - Heart/Lung efficiency - Strength/endurance - Flexibility/posture - Ability to relax while at rest You should always talk to your doctor if you are unsure whether the asthma symptoms are exercise-induced or not. Some things to remember: - Take medication before beginning exercise, if advisable - Always warm up before exercising and cool down after - Build up, in a deliberate manner, an exercise program you re comfortable with - Stop and rest at the first sign of symptoms - Know the environment you are most sensitive to and avoid those areas Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. If someone in the home has asthma, make the environment as clean and breathing-friendly as possible. Eliminating smoke is one very important step in making living with asthma no big deal at all. Being smoke-free actually helps everyone breathe a little easier in the home, not just people who live with asthma. <p> When you re talking about living with asthma and talking about keeping it clean all in the same breath, you re talking about the air. Keeping the air clean inside the home is one of the most important steps in making living with asthma much easier, and much more painless. Asthma sufferers don t have to suffer there are ways you can lessen their symptoms and help to make the air more breathable for sensitive airways. 

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